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What Sets Drakensang Online Apart From Other Browser Games?

What Sets Drakensang Online Apart From Other Browser Games?

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What Sets Drakensang Online Apart From Other Browser Games?

About The Game:
Title: Drakensang Online
Status: Released
Graphics: 3D
Genre: Download Games , MMORPG
Developer: Big Point
Publisher: Big Point

Explosive Features:

  • Extraordinary 3D graphics and effects.
  • Vibrant Soundtrack.
  • Epic story with countless quests.
  • Unique Progression System


Drakensang Online Overview:

Have you always had a special fixation with browser-based MMORPGs? If so, then you’ve probably heard about Drakensang Online. Many gamers refer to is as Diablo 3 for browsers, earning interest from thousands upon thousands of fans across the globe.

Being a browser game, however, many feel skeptical about checking the game out. As you know, browser games are known to lack in the audio and visual department. But this is exactly where Drakensang Online makes a distinction. With captivating graphics and vibrant soundtrack to boot, you will surely have an enjoyable time exploring the mystical world of Anderworld.

Unique Progression System

The game is set in a world that follows the near-extinction of creatures, which have united to seek revenge against humanity. In order to survive, the human race needs heroes to step up and battle the evil creatures. You begin the game by choosing among three classes namely Spellweaver, Dragonknight or Ranger. Customizing the appearance of your character is possible, albeit with limited options.

There may not seem to be anything special with the game’s character creation phase, but things quickly pick up once you progress through the game. When gaining levels, you also acquire skills and attributes automatically. You are also allowed to choose between two talents every five levels. For instance, you can choose between a longbow veteran or a shortbow veteran upon reaching level 15 as a Ranger. This opens up a wide range of combinations that enable you to select the path that best suits your style of play.

Aside from experience talents, you also gain knowledge talents and fame talents. The former can be earned from finding books of ancient wisdom and gives access to non-combat skills such as teleporting to town. The latter is earned when participating in PvP and only works when used against other players.

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More Than Just Grinding

During the first few levels, you will inevitably feel like Drakensang Online is all about grinding. You need to finish quests, which mostly consist of traveling between locations to kill monsters and gather items. But just when things start feeling like a routine, you gain access to dungeons. This is a standout feature of the game, combining the open-world concept with the dungeons seen in instance-based games. This offers a welcome break from all the grind you do in the open field.

Drakensang Online Screenshots:

Outstanding Audio And Visuals

Drakensang Online shatters the myth that all browser-based games look terrible. Sure, it may not be able to compete against standalone titles that dominate the MMORPG genre, but it sets itself apart by offering excellent graphics that exceed anyone’s expectations from a browser game.
After playing the game for a while, you will realize why it often gets compared to Diablo 3. The two share several common elements, including the dark ambience. This shouldn’t deter you from playing, however, as it perfectly matches the storyline.

And to add to the overall gaming experience, make sure you play with audio. The background music definitely helps make your explorations more interesting. Pair that with the outstanding sound effects which make the gameplay all the more realistic. Without question, the audio in this game is as good as that of any browser game ever released.
Whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid MMORPG player, there are plenty of reasons to try Drakensang Online. It can prove to be the best browser-based game you’ll play, thanks to its engaging storyline, unique progression system and impeccable gameplay. The eye-catching graphics and captivating audio are the cherries on top, making this game a must-play for MMORPG fans.

System Requirements:

Drakensang Online System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64 Bit).
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz/AMD Sempron+ 2800 (with SSE2).
Memory Ram: At Least 1 GB RAM.
Hard Disk Space: 40GB available HDD space.
Video Card: ATI Radeon X800 XL or NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT series card


What Sets Drakensang Online Apart From Other Browser Games?
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